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Here is sumptuous alone
Still and slowly dying
In a cold, barren now
Low lies clear and bright
Infinite rays sear golden
Striking the deep dark
Places unafraid
Slow now this roaring sea
Picks up power
Soon assaulting the earth
Is everything?
Soon will the void be
Filled in, rollicking in joy
To pure energy laying waste
This will be the long
Lost truth empowering
And all rejoice
‘Fore it doesn’t last
But maybe a second in
Your heart!


All For You

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Frustrating in bed by the moonlight
I see owl shadows in the flicker
Flying some new flag at half mast
In the middle of the night
Things creep shuttering
The old clinging to life
Heartbeats in the echoes failing slowly
Falling soft discontent
And landing in a pile of exhausted ash

The dream reawakens a dusty walk
Through unfiltered happenstance
And colliding with this new
This unending new sequence unyielding fancy syntax
I do not know the hour(s)
I was supposed to

This tomorrow is gold on silver lining
It gleams with your eyes
And all that’s in between

It Overtakes Me

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Through ancient plazas derailing
Music floats in the mystic
I don’t know, probably never know
Even through this rainstorm and blizzard and frostbitten cold
All is calm since the great flood
For the lifegiver restores
The sun shines on this strangeness
But for a fleeting breath nothing remains as it was

Nothing shines or sparkles or exhilarates or enlivens or convulses or yearns

Perhaps on a clear day when all is at peace
Long ago now that seems
Standing at the grassy verge, waiting, wishing
Thinking about those long lost pilots who gave out in the dark
And the freedom fighters who gave their lives to blow up a bridge
And the sound of a precious voice—yes
It was all worth it

As the clock hands sting
And at the edge of all things
I melt away with sad longing
Dripping from this finite mass
Every beating thing smashed to the brink of nothingness
Even memory—no not that
Some ether of memory lingers where time will not
Where light hides away
Always recalling

We looked at planets and winter
We warmed the night laughing
Chased by the lights of evermore
And running, running to shelter
Wondering if this would always look the same
As unexpectedly things begin so shall they end
And you never know why.

Dear child, what’s the matter?
Why do the stars cry so?
But the wind brings hollow response
Too heavy a heart to ride these serendipitous zephyrs
The birdsong of radiant freedom
Carrying joys above this world and always on their way
Always going
Always just out of reach waving past the tallest ladder
And two ladders taped together
And three

Never have the planets accepted a heart sacrifice
Oh how I wish, have wished
But with their icy polar caps they spin idly by
Now only thirty years until Saturn hears my plea
Whatever is through the telescope..


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sun slips down early

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time drips liquid ticking
no roof over our heads
no phones, another equinox past
there is a haze somewhere
between those smiles and the sun
strong and slowly fading smokes the sunset mauves
you ride those clouds somewhere
like kids caroming down staircases
out in the bouncy cold driven exotic wonderland spirals
i’m taking that with me
for later by the fireside where fireflies dance
there may be a wisp of another world

sometimes it flickers at angles
driven up by the heat and smoky up
inaccessible bygone highs
while the world ends
lying there in sunday morning tears
looking at yesterday’s crying eyes
i wish this was the beautiful end
on the beach with nothing
cradling soft, newborn flesh
as the turnstiles come crashing
as the tidal waving ocean turns to ice
and we ice-skate the only seconds there ever were
and disappear

proud wasted heart
a winter fire’s warmth craves your face
illume the perfection nighttime dream song
this could be hope losing dear wonder of crazy dying delirium captured snow globe scenic postcard finish line
you give up everything and slowly diminish into scene
still scrambling up mountainside scree and other memories

now this saturn is serious
grinding in new clockwork metal scraped slots
still glimmering in some new constellation like form
i sit out some nights
still and listen to night creatures and see things
far off lands of cries and howls and vicious foreign delight
screeching to stay in these ruts
time tumbles down in disappearing pieces
hot dripping sense falls misunderstood
in cold hard tombstone scripts
stolidly sensitive breaks the night
bleak tears my being to the wind
and blown out gypsy ash now
slowly disintegrates you somewhere

i feel you breathing, on a lake somewhere
you see an empty bare pallid plain
like a field of watery wheat
the absence gloaming
ashes linger in the sad smoking night left behind
that incredulous night of aching pulpy decomposition
gasping, fighting, needle injected adrenaline red hot desperation
running hard into the night

precious gone too soon
and the acorns litter near me
go afar raging wind long and deep
eternity glares in stone eyes
watching yourself weather away
what things to see there
wild rainbows in the night sky
wondering if spring will ever come

once in a long while, forgotten kings and queens


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Book Of Longing

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and now that we are gone
I have a thousand years
to tell you how I rise
on everything that rises
how I became that lover
whom you wanted
who has no other life
but your beauty
who is naked and bent